Low temperatures will seriously jeopardize your household and it threatens to leave you without water if your pipes freeze during winter. To prevent your house from freezing, you need to take some protective measures that are not very demanding and costly, and they can spare you trouble. If you didn’t manage to do this and problem surface, you should call professionals 24hplumbers.

During the big minutes, the most sensitive in your household are pipes. They can not only freeze but can even break from cold. If you want to avoid problems and unnecessary costs and repairs, we advise you to do the following.

How to protect your pipes?

In painters and tool stores, you can buy everything you need to keep your pipes insulated from cold. Special pipe protection equipment can be of great help to you and your pipes, but also styrofoam can do it, and is generally cheaper. Cover the pipes with the tape.

Watch the temperature in the house. If you are traveling, make sure that your thermometer is at a minimum to prevent the tube from leaking. Lower the pipe temperature overnight, but not below the permitted limit.

During the night, leave the door fro your elements below the sink open, as well as those above if you have a water heater in order for the heat from the house enter inside and prevent freezing. It can help if you let the water run through the pipes during the night.

What happens to pipes?

Because of the freezing of water in the pipes, they are expanding and breaking. When the ice begins to melt, the water leaks from the cracks in the tubes and creates a fracture. If you want to avoid this, close the water supply valves and take appropriate measures to find the cracks and repair the defect before releasing the water again.

If, despite all precautionary measures, the pipes collapse, close all valves to prevent flooding and use old towels to collect excess water. In this case, you will have to contact the plumber. Do not bother yourself and solve it yourself because you can only make an even bigger problem.

How to be always sure?

If the day comes when you need to turn on the tap during the cold winter months and realize that there is no water or is just dropping in a drop, then there is a good chance that your water pipes froze. In this case, emergency action is necessary and it must be taken immediately to prevent any damage to your home from possible leakage of water caused by the breakdown of the pipe.

No matter how new or old is your home, you should monitor your pipes. If you have any clogging problems you should solve it immediately because when winter comes, the problem will become even more serious. The pipes that did clog sometimes during that year should be monitored closely during winter.