A decade ago every neighborhood was same. Every house looked the same, had the same color and the same roof. Now, houses still look similar in their shape, but you won’t find them equal when you look at their roofs.

The last several decades saw the popularization of many different types of roofing materials. New technological advancement allowed for customization of the roofing materials and that made it possible to make your roof unique in both style and the color.

In this post, we will address wood and aluminum, two traditional materials used in the roofing business. They might be classic options, but advancements in the industry keep them relevant.

Wood – Shingles and shakes and their pros/cons

Wood – Shingles and shakesThe difference between wooden shakes and shingles is the way they are produced. Shakes are hand-cut from wooden blocks, and they are a bit thicker than shingles as well as a bit more expensive than their counterparts. Shingles are machine-cut which means they sport smooth surfaces and them weight and cost less than shakes.

The beauty of the wooden roof is unparalleled, and no imitation gets close it. Redwood and cedar are trees that produce excellent roofing options due to their looks and insect and moisture resistance. These several things are enough to entice many to choose wood over other roofing options. When you consider that a treated wooden roof can last up to thirty years with proper maintenance, then you realize why people prefer it over other materials.

The treated wooden roof will offer decent attic insulation, but this isn’t a case with untreated wood, and the treatment of this material increases the cost of the material. The maintenance of the wood sets its overall value high above many other more convenient roofing options. This makes this roofing material somewhat off-putting for people that are looking for cheap and durable roofing options that don’t require constant care.

Metal – Roofs that last for centuries

Metal has been in use in the roofing industry for over a century, and some roofs lasted for that long. Metal roofs won’t decay over time, and that is one of their most significant advantages. They might change color or rust, but if you choose a right metal, then you are safe from that.

Metal hasn’t been in for a long time, but they are now back as new styles and their eco-friendly nature attracted many people. You can get a metal roof that imitates all forms, and it will be cheaper than the majority of other materials. This means that you can get a roof that looks like shingles, slates or shakes and it doesn’t require maintenance that those styles of roof need.

The installation of the metal roof is cheap, but a high-quality material is expensive when compared with asphalt shingles and some types of wood. But this is off-set with its durability and longevity. Other materials will decay after ten, twenty or fifty years, but metal will last for centuries. The noise of the metal roof can be unbearable if you choose to install it over open frame rather than boards or plywood.