During the 80s when the blocks first came to use in Britain and Ireland they were a much-needed choice and quality of life upgrade for the people that had money to invest into a proper driveway, but up until that moment did not have too much choice.

The block paving was a unique way to design your own driveway and to keep it functional at the same time. Imagine that if anyone wanted to have a proper driveway they would have to either go for an asphalt one, which was smooth and used by anyone, or they would have to make a gravel style driveway made of small pretty rocks if they wanted to make it more unique, which nobody says it was better functional than the asphalt one, but it was definitely more unique.

As time passed by, block paving became more efficient and cheaper, offering bricks made with clay and bricks made from concrete. They both had their upsides and downsides and we can even name a few here for you:

Concrete Paving blocks

block-paving-tlThe positive side

– Were relatively cheap

– Had many shapes and designs to choose from

– Has available textured blocks

– Precise size and shape accuracy

– Block depths were from 40mm up to 100mm

– Lasts around 20+ years

The negative side

– Colors fade faster

– Aggregate becomes exposed over time


On the other hand, we had the clay paving blocks which had:

The positive side

– Slightly more expensive compared to concrete which depends on the color of the block

– Extremely resistant

– Natural color won’t fade over time

– Available patterned pavers

The longevity of these blocks is above 100+ years

The negative

– Prone to getting dirty with mosses

– Size tolerance is varying

– Usually comes in two shapes square or rectangular

– Very hard to cut for additional fixing

– Limited choice when it comes to depth

There is also a third choice which includes stone made paving driveways but we will write about them extensively in our other blogs. As there are not a lot of choices when it comes to design and materials, and they are quite more expansive compared to the clay and concrete styles.

Once you have chosen your material it’s time to choose a style. Simply put you can choose anything from a monotone color to a multicolor, and from one simple design to a multifunctional design that will require several different additional cutting procedures to fix all the blocks in your driveway.

Now you might be wondering why are the block paved driveways better than the rest, and why everyone chooses block paving Derby? Simply put the power to pick and choose what kind of style and design you want gives you the ability to make your driveway in your vision. By choosing shapes, styles, colors, the decorative textures building your unique driveway has never been easier. Especially when you can build one that will last you for decades.