The lack of electricity in the home can surprise us and disturb our routine, but it also forces us to resort to some temporary solutions until the electricity returns. Only one error and when the current arrives, a strong electric shock can occur. That is why if the power is down you sohuld call professionals PES Electrical.

Due to the safety of you and your householders, but also to prevent the possibility of damage and to make it easier for yourself until the current is coming, never make the following mistakes:

Use of candles

Lighting the candles when the current disappears seems like a classic solution, but this is by no means the safest option. Children or pets can easily knock down a candle and you should never leave it unattended when you go from room to room. Beware of handling candle holders, which can become very hot if you leave the candle burning too long. Instead of the candle, the better solution will be to place hand lamps on batteries in certain places in the home where your light is most needed.

Leaving large appliances turned on

As soon as the power is gone, turn off all of the larger home appliances, such as television, computers and similar appliances, you need to turn it from the power supply. This is important, because if all the appliances stay on when the power returns, there may be a power stroke that will burn electronic devices or overload a current circuit in your home.

Too often you  the fridge or freezer

If you do not open a refrigerator or a freezer during a power outage, the cold air will remain inside and prevent the food from going bad. Moreover, an unopened refrigerator can maintain an appropriate temperature for at least four hours, and in a good freezer, the food can be safe for up to two days.

Do not allow the faucets to cool too much

If currents disappear during winter, there is a risk that the water in the taps will freeze, which can lead to the cracking of the taps. While the faucets in the newer and renovated houses are probably properly insulated, it is good to check the faucets in the basements, garages and the outside water pipes in older houses. If the pipes are not insulated, wrap them in an insulating foam, or old blankets, and allow the water to leak slightly, in order to reduce the risk of frost.

Excessive use of mobile

To shorten the boredom while there is no current, you may also reach for mobile to surf the Internet or play the game, but beware that you do not overdo it and that your phone does not consume battery power. And in this situation, it’s definitely good to have a mobile phone with a full battery, in case you need to make an urgent call. To further save the battery, turn off all applications that you do not currently use.