Despite all its pros and cons, homeowners usually trust real estate agencies when it comes to selling or buying a new property. However, there are still ones who wonder why do I need a realtor to buy or sell my house?

To be honest, you really don’t need one! But, if you don’t have experience in these kinds of transactions, then an agent can come as an excellent addition. Plus, you will close a deal faster and get the initial price.

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With that being said, here are a couple of reasons why a real estate agent is a valuable partner to have.

It’s not all about bathrooms and bedrooms

Yes, a realtor is one person who can help you find an ideal property, with the desired number of bathrooms and bedrooms, and the suitable square footage. However, things actually go beyond that. Your real estate agent focuses on features you may neglect; such as roof or pipes.

On top of that, he will ask all those important questions you might not think of. For example, a realtor can provide you information about, schools, crime rate, neighborhoods, demographics, and so on.

The real estate agent is familiar with the market

If you are dealing with an expert, then an agent has access to a pool of market information necessary for your search. Based on facts and historical analysis, he can offer you advice, or a listing price in a specific part of the town.

His experience and knowledge can help you a lot in closing the best possible deal, as well as getting the most for your money. Additionally, the real estate agent can help you select the appropriate neighborhood if you can’t decide.

Are you getting a reasonable price?

There are a lot of real estate websites which provide with housing prices and estimates. In this case, you can also compare various properties and their features. However, how reliable are these tools and can they replace a realtor?

In most cases, they can’t. One thing is going through a property, and another seeing everything on your computer screen. An experienced agent who walks through a house and performs a visual assessment can tell you whether the real estate is appropriately priced or not.

He is always connected

It all comes down to connection, and a skilled real estate agent will connect you to trusted business professionals you need. Realtors have a network of lawyers, inspectors, contractors, mortgage lenders, as well as moving companies.

Therefore, if you ever end up having some issue, the agent can introduce you with them. This is another perk of hiring an expert, who has a lot of connections.

The Realtor will notice red flags One of the most challenging things of a seller or a buyer is identifying the hidden issues. On the other hand, an excellent real estate agent won’t have such a problem. He will not only suggest necessary repairs but also recommend a good home inspector to evaluate the property.