To find ways to increase the value of your home we took the liberty and asked few very well-known house experts. Almost every one of them said the first thing to change or upgrade in a house would be the kitchen. Because that is the room where families get together and spend the most time. Where to start you might ask, well to start things off you can chance small things like changing the knobs on cabinets. Make them stand out, for example, some shiny material. Replacing the sink faucet can make a huge difference in the kitchen. Or if you want to go all out the experts say you can knock down the wall that connects with the living room that way the kitchen will feel more spacious and it can add to the aesthetics.

Saving energy, going green

going greenIn the past few years, the demand for green housing was increasing. Saving energy to some people mean a lot and they would pay more money for a house that has some kind of power saving equipment built in. Of course, going green is an expensive option but the experts say it pays off if you are looking to increase the value of your home. Changes don’t need to be big, start small by adding a storm door for example. But if you have the money to invest then consider buying solar panels that can produce electricity for the whole house.

Backyard matters too

Perfect BackyardWhen thinking of increasing the value of the house everyone forgets about the backyard. Which is one of the first things families are interested in when looking to buy. It’s not a problem if you don’t have a huge backyard it’s the looks that sell not the size necessarily. So make sure it’s well organized, fresh cut grass a few flowers can add to aesthetics. But if you are looking to increase the value by a lot we suggest adding a pool. Having a pool in the backyard opens up a whole lot of opportunities. Families with kids mainly are looking to buy a house that has already build in a pool because that’s every child dream to have his own pool to be able to play in it. It’s also good for the parents to have a place to relax and cool off during summer time.